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I've been looking forward to this post all week, I've come up with "Style Watch of the week" where i will focus on someone whose hot, unique and just simply full of style, MY sort of style. So, drum roll for this week's feature goes to the talented Jessie J.

Jessie J, a UK artist has only recently released her first solo album and is beaming with popularity right now, her beautiful voice is making a stamp and I just can't seem to miss the mad style that she is bringing forward. I recently fell in l o v e with the styles, outfits and the setting to her recent music video Price tag, it brought just a different vibe to her song as well as an identification to who Jessie J is. Her style has definitely identified her! Have a look at the outfits and you will surely know what I am talking about!!

Some fantastic looks from a few of Jessie J's performances, noticed a pattern, she likes a bit of leg cleavage and platform heels, we love her for that.
Two of my favourite looks that Jessie J pulled off . The printed, detailed pair of jeans rocked (a signature Versace pair of Jeans) with some simply open toed wedged heels really went a long way. I think what also compliments this outfit is her black bang, giving her a sort of Cleopatra look. Love It!!!!!!
1.ChockersShoes £25.00 2.ChockersShoes £35.00 3.ChockersShoes £39.99

You can now clearly see why i have fallen in love with Jessie J's look its full of character and complete individuality, with a care-free twang!!! and it totally works! I had to crab myself a pair of Henry and Holland tights, it gives a s e x y burlesque look to an outfit rather s a u c y I must say. Hmmm just wondering what occasion I could rock them, maybe to make a casual outfit more of a head turner. I'll let you guys all in when I finally do!!

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