Olivia Palermo is the Accessories editor at Elle Magazine, you may recognise her from the front pages of your favourite magazines but there is no doubt that she is more than just a pretty face.

Casts of MTV US hit show, The City, are known for being fashion icons and Olivia Palermo is definitely the leading lady for this title. The 26 year old has blown me away with her sophisticated and classy style. Her outfits can often be very simple but she pulls it off so well. 
Whilst keeping on trend, Olivia mixes up  her effortless style with high street pieces from shops such as Zara, as well as key designer "must haves" from designers such as Christian Louboutin. We have seen Olivia rock some fantastic key trends so far this year and I have faith that she will continue to inspire all fashion lovers with her timeless style.

On the left Olivia wears a lovely fur gillet, which has become very popular this season, I also had to grab myself one this winter. it looks great over a leather jacket or even a cosy jumper, just as Olivia has done above. Similar gilets can be found at affordable stores such as :  www.newlook.co.uk / topshop.com / asos.com / ebay.co.uk 
If your a Londoner, like me, then you have the fantastic Primark where you can find a variety of gillets. 
Have a look on Topshop and River Island for similar leather and faux leather trousers, which is also a key trend this season, don't miss out!

I fell for this cold romantic look that Olivia is pictured above in, the sheer skirt really sets the look off. The pop of colour in her turquoise jewellery contrast but compliments the outfit. 
Why not try and create this look from some of London's favourite high street shops, as done above. Experiment with different trends and never be afraid to add minimal colour to an "all black" outfit. 

Some more gorgeous looks from fashion icon Olivia Palermo, I love the way she has mixed textures and colours together to create these two amazing outfits. The outfit on the right is wonderful!

Olivia goes for a corporate look on the left, she adds a bit of character with the fur piece on her arm, effortless as usual!

1. ASOS PU leather shorts £20.00 2.The Outnet leather shorts £101 3.Topshop heels £70.00 4.Topshop blouse £50.00

Here is another "Get the Look". I have always been fond of leather shorts and of course Olivia has worn it gracefully, the leopard print  heels work well with ths cute ensemble. I came across a lovely pair from Topshop, the leopard print heels pictured above, definitely a key item for the wardrobe all season round.

Some casual outfits from Olivia, switched up with some heels and toned down with some flats.

1.River Island top NOW £10.00 2.Miss Selfridges blazer £47.00 3.ASOS trousers £50.00 5.Topshop heels £48.00 6.Christian Louboutin heels

Once again Olivia has mixed patterns to create this look, there are some lovely trousers featured on ASOS, printed trousers always look great with a bright coloured top, above you can see two different ways it can be done. If your brave enough you can always mix it up with a patterned, pointed heel just as Olivia has done.
There we have it, just a snippet of how great Olivia Palermo's style is. If I could post all the photos I have of her we could be here for a very long time. Hopefully you  all have  been inspired by some of her looks, just as I have been. Its great to have your own style but it's even better when you can appreciate other individuals' personal approach to fashion.

Who is your fashion inspiration, let me know guys?


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  1. Love your post.

    ps. olivia's bag is a Meli Melo I think! http://www.melimelo.co.uk/

    I love those. :)

  2. Thank you!

    yess I think your right,
    it's lovely isn't it!


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