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Sometime last year it became ever so popular seeing African printed pieces being sold in high street shops, I remember walking into Topshop and thinking.. ' hey my auntie gave me a piece of that when i was in Uganda', I was simply amazed that these items were being sold, I looked at the prices and was even more amazed, the items prices ranged between £32 to up to £50, yes that's right £50!! I also became aware of Africa ASOS, which I will talk about in more depth throughout this post. I was instantly in two minds about it, i thought and was unconsciously hoping that it was not just a cheeky shot of making money really easily, more or less exploitation, especially with the popularity that ASOS had at the very time. I felt recognition and appreciation was essential to the roots and background of these fantastic prints, and the hard work of it all, its more than 'pieces of cloth' its living culture and somehow, however done, positive goodness should go back to where it has stemmed from, and that is from its country itself, even though in fashion this is rarely done. Perhaps it is because it is more or less home I felt as passionate as I did which is why i was joyful when i begun to understand the cause and background to it all.

Check it Out:

Last year February ASOS teamed out with SOKO KENYA and created ASOS Africa, they brought forward the bright bold designs to their very popular online shop. Although this collection was brought out almost a year ago there are still various items sold at ASOS africa, keep posted on the asos website as SOKO and asos have been working on their Spring Summer collection in preparation to be released on March 21st. Check out SOKO's website to find out more about their positive aims and its company as a whole.

My parents are originally from Uganda so it was so apparent to me and I could easily identify with it, as you read further and see more photographs you will see the sort of difference that these prints have to those of which previously shown in BOXING KITTY's collection, which sterns mostly from Western Africa, that includes countries such as Nigeria and Ghana. Whereas Eastern Africa includes Uganda and Kenya.

Have a look at some BARGAIN BUYS i came across on the ASOS website, items up to half price from its very own ASOS Africa:

ASOS AFRICA Printed Blazer £70.00NOW £49.00

ASOS AFRICA Beaded Collar Jacket £80.00NOW £40.00

ASOS AFRICA Printed Trousers £50.00NOW £25.00

Lightweight shorts with a vibrant tie belt waist, high waisted style, would look lovely with a simply white vest top, but as pictured a black tee looks good too.

£22.00 FROM £40.00 Bargain!

Africa Woven Mix Twist Back Maxi Dress Was £60.00 Now £30.00

ASOS AFRICA Printed Maxi Skirt £45.00NOW £32.00, you can see how detailed these prints are up close, lovely aren't they.

For more at ASOS AFRICA go to..

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