Bold and the Beautiful


One big craze to look out for this season is BEAUTIFUL, BOLD , COLOURS. Mix and match of the finer shades of yellows, oranges and pinks should definitely be in your wardrobe this spring. I used to always be weary of experimenting with colour, i love my black, I have a little thing for black, I've always found it s e x y, however a bit of colour can never go a miss. This month the beautiful Liya Kebede featured in In Style editorial spread and it was titled 'Mad about Colour' and of course i fell in love with it! it became my inspiration for this post, which I have dedicated to COLOUR.

Liya Kebede Is an Ethiopian model whose big break came from Tom Ford, her popularity flew up when she had a May 2002 Paris Vogue issue which was dedicated to her. She also has her own fashion line and has also taken part in a lot of fund raising work.
She photographed beautifully in this 2011 InStyle photo shoot, brown skin really went well and brought out the many pieces to the fashion line, here are a few more photographs from the spread.

This season be ready for Bold and Beautiful Colours just like the few that are in this spread. Gucci Summer Spring Collection brought colours together, here are a few of my favourite looks.

I was instantly drawn to this unique Gucci dress pictured on the left. I love the tassel panels on each side it creates a Safari resort feel to it and really does look gorgeous. I fell in love with the symmetrical look to it all.
On the right is a clear example of the contrast of bold colours which is very apparent throughout the SS11 collection, the clean cut blazers and detailed cut trousers are a 'watch out' for this season.

So Rihanna is one top gal that is definitely not scared to experiment with colour, and somehow it works. From her fiery RED hair to her ORANGE trousers, she really rocked it!!! Here some items that could be essential to your wardrobe this season. A bold bright blazer, would work well with some ankle cut chinos and perhaps a pair of brogues, for a sexier look a closed toe heel would work perfectly.
60's styled dress such as the one from River Island really compliments the bold bright theme to these looks, create contrasts and rock a bold dress like this with vibrant wedged heels or some large c ol o u r f u l accessories. Use that confidence and don't be scared of colour this season!!!

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