Culture shock: The day finally came


Yesterday the long awaited Culture Shock show took place, the stress, headache, panic, r u s h, runabouts, e r r o n s, pick ups.. WOWWW the list could go on forever, these feelings and the changes of moods all took place yesterday. However, i must say it was all worth it!! the turnout of the show was rather disappointing, on the other hand the show was defiantly and undoubtebly a learning curve and an enjoyable experience.

I learnt the
importance of team work, the frustration that came along with trying to get things done with only a minimum amount of people showed the relevance of a strong group/team as well as organisation and, unarguably the importance of preparation. I saw so much potential in the show, with having been a part of this I really hope to develop and bring together ideas for a show such as Culture shock.

What made me feel so happy and positive about the outcome was to see that the fashion designers felt so proud to see their creations on the runway, it was not only hard work that was showcased, it was passion. This opportunity definitely benefited them, especially those that have not taken part in a show before, and that's what felt great. There were some fantastic lines, during this coming week I will feature those of which took part in the show and pictures too.

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