Jeffrey Campbell tapestry fabric heels by Minolek - gorgeous heels, but the shoot makes me love it even more make-up and all, great stuff! More from Jeffrey Campbell at, http://www.chictopia.com/Jeffrey-Campbell check it out, some unique stuff.

Topshop heels (statement right here) woven tassel by Unique £130.00 100% leather 5inch

Angela Simmons rocking some fly heels Louis Vuiton from fall 2008... Yummy aren't they!

Heels can do so much to an outfit, found these fantastic diamante heel featured in an article, unfortunately there was no information on them but i fell in love with them and its a w e d g e, the most easiest heels to get down in, could stay in wedges all day!!

Love them. The pair on the right have a b a n d e a u tie up, gorgeous from the one and ony highstreet shop Topshop.

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