So last weekend a few of my friends and i threw a suprise party for a VERY suprised Bday boy!! I pulled out a wedge and absolutely loveddddd it, the heels are featured in my previous post in black.

banyaDefinition: A S T A T E M N E T HEEL ; fire, distinctive, elite, just simply a killer that will stand out and call your name>>.INSTANTLY!!!!

I definately need more killers in my life they pull off such a simple outfit, I didnt have to do much up top that night, I literally got ready in half an hour the worst hair day/night I've had in a long time, thankfully the night made up for it.

If there were more s t a t e m e n t s in One's wordrobe.. those dance floors I hit would defo be a better place!!! Hahaaa

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