Culture Shock - Stress!


Okay, so i became a part of a project that one of my close friends ABIGAIL KWAKYE who is the project leader, she made me her leading lady. She has control of everything. She has been funded by Vcashpoint to create an event of her kind. She brought together a Cultural Shock theme to the event in which intends to bring young people from the community together to celebrate their culture through different ways.
Being fashion driven she gave me control of the Fashion Show which plays a huge part of the event. How hard has that been? Extremely!!

From creating an events page to a temporary flyer, to even finalising designers, it has all been stressful.
However i am so certain that it will all be worth it!!!
I had to create the logo shown in the left, yes all had was the program paint and a few of my imaginative skills.. and i came out with this, not to bad I guess.

So throughout my research I came across some wonderful cultural diversed fashion lines which i will post for all of you guys to see, they were filled with beautiful, detailed, eyecatching items that just made me want to design and sew!!!!
Theres loads i want to share...

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