Oriental Time


As the mornings become darker and the nights become colder, there is only one thing that I can rely on to brighten up my day; and that is Fashion! After spending some time looking through reviews on LFW and the beautiful, innovating trends that have evolved for this season, I felt it was only right to shower you all with my discoveries.
So, lets commence. A taste of what  the rest of the world has to offer is definitely what we need here in London and the Asian inspired trend presents this.

Above is a collection by Proenza Schouler, these are pieces that I was instantly drawn to.

Its all about the detail with this trend, the oriental motifs and the structured shapes are so capturing. The fantastic symmetrical  sequences creates such an amazing look that I loving at the moment. What I particularly like is the richness of the fabric used, the patterns are so tasteful and creates the idea of 'royalty', the golds and silvers really play a part in this fabrication and I think it will be very popular this season.

Olivia Palermo caught wearing the trend with this detailed dress.

Above are some inspired pieces. Asos trouser £45.00, Asos blazer £65.00,


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