10/10 for the 'T' and Sweatshirt


The infamous T-shirt, the most easiest item to play and throw on. Its not everyday that we want to play it classy and cute, sometimes the 'cool kid' in us wants to climb out, i know my inner rock-star loves to make an appearance at times. The care-free, just threw it on look is something that can work in so many ways and i totally love it! I really became a fan of the printed t shirt and really begun to experiment with it sometime this year. The different ideas and looks are great, so i  thought it would be a great idea to put some of those together and really show you guys my inspirations.
1) Topshop 2)River island 3)river island 4)Yves Saint Laurent 5)Celine


I guess its time to confess my ultimate girl crush, the one and only Rihanna who kills the style game every time! She is just one cool chick, from heels to trainers she just gets the looks right each time. Especially with her new pixie hair cut she is just screaming style. She demonstrates how a simply t shirt can make a stylish statement. Above are a few of my favourite looks, i really like how she has created two different looks with her Celine tshirt only RiRi can repeat her t and simply get away with it!
However, it is getting rather chilly so the switch up is slowly calling,  my t shirt will soon become sweat shirts and once again rihanna pulls it off effortlessly; a pair of shorts and some heels just creates a cute look.

As my love for prints grow, i like to use it for simple outfits, so here is what i wore the other night. i grabbed this cross print t shirt for £5 in Primark, in the menswear section, as you can tell that whole sentence just screams bargain! I love the fact that its so easy to play around with oversized tops and just make a simply cool look.

So heres one of my inspired looks. Rock star inspired, these sweatshirts are great to start the season with. I liked the idea of being able to switch it up with either a maxi skirt or midi skirt or even a pair of ripped shorts! The nude lipstick just softens the look and the chunky vintage chain creates an 'old school' idea to the look which i thought was interesting.

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