New Season, Back and Ready for Action


Hello everyone, its been so long since I've blogged but I'm back and ready to blog like never before, I've been so busy this term at uni but today the awaited date came, my last exam took place! now i am F R E E as a bird and i can focus on the things i love for a whole summer, a whole four months!!!! I have to get my life in check and priorities straight, make that money, and follow that dream, i have to kick start my projects and really focus on how to get my future on the go and up and running!!!!!

So get ready for upcoming trends, photo shoots, get the looks and everything to do with the one and only fashion!!! So keep posted.. Ive got loads and loads to share and I promise its only going to get better.

Now Looking at a New Official Fashion Writer :D

The best thing happened to me this month! I could actually describe it as a dream come true! i was made the Fashion Writer/Editor for a brand new magazine named Bronze Magazine, i could say that this is truly something that i am excited, proud and so thankful for.

I had to write a spread for the fashion section of the magazine all on my own, research some trends and come up with a concept of the section that will be printed at the end of this month.

Im really looking forward to seeing the finished magazine, to have my name printed too, ts going to be fantastic!

So everyone stay tuned and keep posted; Keep the support coming for this new mag ..

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Watch out for some fantastic things coming from this magazine!!!!

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