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At the end of each season I tend to an urge to create a whole new me and revamp my dull wardrobe, so, that means the time has come. Recently I can't seem to stop browsing and creating wish lists for spring/summer, I'm so excited but sometimes I just can't put my finger on what type of look I'm really going for. Then I ask myself, "when have you ever stuck to one particular look?" Then I answer myself, "well, you haven't and you rarely do", the thought of that answer always makes me a feel a bit better about the confusing situation.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who tends to feel rather lost in their own wardrobe, so I've come up with some interesting ways to get down to this underlying problem. If your a fashion lover you may realise how fun it can be, if you can look at blogs all day then you can definitely do this!

1. Evaluate your current style/look
 Put together some of your favourite style icons, celebrities, models, friends, anyone that inspires your style. You will be so surprised to see how much it reflects your current looks, from here you can really see what you wish to change.

From my mood board I can see that I have been drawn to darker colours this season and a simple yet edgy approach to the current trends. T-shirts, peplum shapes and ankle heeled boots.

2.Make a scrapbook/mood board - styles and trends 
Create a mood board with colours, styles and looks that you want to introduce this season. So this could be anything you have seen on blogs, online shops, absolutely anything! Just like a scrap book, simply put it all together and see what you come up with.

As you can see this board I've created is very random, it's just a snip-it of the large mood board I've created but it is just to give you all an idea on how to start one up. Some things are just pieces I like and there are also particular outfits that I want to create.
This has helped me as I have established the shades and tones that I would love to use this season, in contrast to the colours that I have been wearing, now its time to really bring out the fun that is within all of us!

Another fun way to play around with mood boards is to put together colours and prints. Above I have incorporated prints from my current wardrobe with colours that I intend to wear this season.

So get searching guys, its also fun if you have old magazines, as you can really get creative and make an actual scrapbook that you can keep and add too whenever you like.

3.Discover your key wardrobe 'Must Haves'
There are have been many occasions where I have found myself buying random items and never wearing them and it usually boils down to 3 reasons:

1.Nothing to wear it with
2.No where to wear it to
3.Saving it for an occasion that may never come


I'm sure we have all fallen victim to many of the above habits but it is something that we can get out of.

So the first thing that needs to be done before we start the 'new season shopping spree' is figure out what we really need and get back to basics.

Here are a few to get you started.

Versatile footwear

So this could be anything from white pumps to a heeled sandal, something that will go with most outfits. Here are some examples:

As you can see there are many high street shops prepared and ready for the new season. The gladiator styles are back and they're taking over with a vengeance!
As you can see I've found a particular sandal which is almost identical to a sandal I used in my collage and I'm so excited about them, they really take you back in time with the overuse of studs and the number of overlapping straps.

Get to searching guys, stock up because before you know it the sun will be shining and you'll be in a right ol' pickle struggling to find something to wear.

Basic blazer or jacket

Although the sun will be shining it will not be beaming hot as we all wish it will be so we definitely will need something for the chilly days and especially nights.

Here are a few examples:

1.Ebay 2.River Island 3.Topshop 4.Zara 5.Miss Guided 6.River Island 7.H&M 8.River Island 9.Zara 10.Zara 11.Miss Guided

Try and choose colours that you don't usually wear, experiment and have fun with it, it's a new season so why not? However, make sure to stick to a colour that you know your clothes will work well with.

Other key items include statement jewellery pieces as they can really bring a simple outfit alive, chunky necklaces and statement earrings are a few of the many.

1.Topshop 2.ASOS 3.River Island 4.River Island 5.ASOS 6.ASOS

Everyday jeans, light wash shades are good in the spring/ summer as they give off a warmer feel.
Basic white tees and blouses always work when your clueless as to what to wear on a spontaneous day out.

So there you have it, some items to get you slowly back into the game.

Trust me! When you have key items in your wardrobe things will get easier.

4. Mix and Match

So here we are, all the basics together. this is just an example of what you can do, you can see which of your items are interchangeable for the different looks you intend to create. Of course outfits just come to mind naturally but the many days when you just want to throw something on, this idea is great for that! You can play around and mix different items with pieces you see online or in magazines and just put them together.

Hope you enjoy doing this as much as I do, I will try and post a few more that I will possibly do over the next few weeks.


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